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Copper is a star, for a day.

January 29th, 2006 by hashbrown

If you’re into new and undiscovered music you should check out Garageband.com. I’ve been part of the community for years. Basically people do blind reviews of songs, and then charts are compiled for different genres of music. There are several mechanisms and incentives in place to make sure people are participating and doing quality reviews.

Anyway, recently I added one of my song’s, Copper, to Garageband.com. It’s been doing pretty well and today, it is the Garageband Track of the Day.

You can click on the GB Banner to get to my track or go to my GB homepage.

I’ve also got a homepage for my band Elephants Gerald at GB.

Thanks to Garageband.com for this slighty belated birthday present!

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  1. wyoming_mad Says:

    Way to go, baby! Time to get that studio finished so that you can write some more kickass tunes!